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“As both an Army veteran and a military spouse, it was an honor to have seen so many people pull together to successfully host an event for military families outside the standard military setting. This was the first formal military event that my husband and I have been able to attend as a couple. With three children, and a husband that frequently travels, the timing has never coordinated or allowed for us to attend any balls, award ceremonies, etc. Not to come across as too sappy, but I have never attended one school dance or prom as a teenager; having had a very strict upbringing. Hence my level of excitement being that much more heightened, by receiving an invitation for such an elite event as Dinner For Heroes at the Aqua Lounge! Although, we were a bit too shy to mingle with many of the guests; our appreciation for being there was never in any way compromised. We were fortunate enough to be invited by a lovely, young, Air Force Captain and her friend ( a retired Air Force Service Member), to share a dinner table with them; and they actively engaged in conversation with us, the entire evening. May I say, that the meal was unforgettable. The boneless chicken breasts were as some might say, “worth writing home about” and the salads were well dressed and seasoned.


It was such a special evening for Eddie and I, to be able to dress up and enjoy a night out without double strollers, bibs, heavy diaper bags etc! My gown was one that was originally purchased for a military ball in Arlington Virginia, but never used, due to the devastation of 9-11 that hit the Pentagon. The ball was to be held in the hotel both directly across from our base (Fort Myer) and the Pentagon itself; and scheduled for September 14, the weekend following the carnage that left our Nation scared forever. Unfortunately, due to the building having been clipped by the plane and the heightened security and massive cleanup, the ball was canceled indefinitely. I have held onto that dress (tags still attached) all these years, hoping to be able to still use it, and thanks to the Dinner for Heroes in Beverly Hills, that finally became possible.”


With Sincere Gratitude,

Natasha and SFC Eddie R. Ward Jr.   (Contact Info upon request)


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